My favourite clients I’ve worked with in accounting firms

As an accountant, I’ve heard every story possible. The most entertaining part of my job has to be meeting all the different client we have walking through the doors of our accounting firm in Melbourne. Whilst as an accountant it’s not really necessary I hear the full back story of my clients, I’m always so intrigued. Half the tales I hear needs a context in order to be understood anyway. What’s wrong with asking a few questions to clarify my interpretation?

I cannot wait everyday to hear updates from clients about their life. I would have to say my favourite client was this farmer and his wife who needed some financial advice about their property after they became concerned over what had happened to one of their cousins. In the man’s delightful words, his cousins cow had “spazzed out” and crashed into the barn, creating, quite literally a cow shaped hole in the wall. The cow was fine by the way but his cousin was less than pleased. He needed to repair the wall as soon as possible but couldn’t hire anyone to do so because funds were tight. As a result, the animals had to be moved and it created quite a hassle for him. I assisted in rearranging and advising the couple on how they could organise their funds so that they wouldn’t be low on money should any accidents occur.

Another favourite of mine would have to be this old man who ran a small organic grocery store. Whilst I probably should’ve been more concerned with his finance issues, I couldn’t help but laugh at his rants about his wife every time he greeted me. The first thing he would do is say hello and then burst out with another tale describing how his wife was trying to scare him to death. The best prank would probably be the scarecrow she made out of vegetables and left in the middle of the kitchen. When the old man walked into the room in the morning he apparently could’ve had a heart attack. I cry of laughter whenever I recount the story to my friends. Imagine being that age and still being capable of such good jokes. That would probably be one of my life goals.

So while my job can be a bit tedious at times, I always remember I’m working to help people like this. Nothing could make me happier.