Just a few of the billboards you will see in Australia

If you’re like me and you were lucky enough to be born and raised in Australia, then you have a pretty good idea what Australian culture is all about. A lot of it is good, and plenty of it is bad. We love our sport, we love a party, we like to think we are pretty relaxed and pretty tolerant. But we’re also very jingoistic, quite conservative in a lot of ways, and overall have plenty to work on. But it is a great place to live, and there are plenty of things one might see on Australian billboards that sum up the quintessential (although some might say cliche) version of an Aussie.

So, if you were born or raised in Australia, then you might not pay too much attention to the way we present ourselves, or more importantly, the way we are perceived by the rest of the world. But if you are looking at Australia from the outside in, or visiting perhaps, here are a few of the stereotypes you are bound to see on a billboard in Australia.

First up, you are definitely going to see alcohol. Yep, Aussies definitely enjoy a drink, and we are not backwards in coming forwards about showing that obsession. Beer, wine, cider, spirits—you will see it all on our billboards, and you will see it everywhere, from the heart of the city to the burrows of suburbia, and on everything from sporting fields to bus stops.

Speaking of sporting fields, we Aussies also love our sport. So, you can rest assured you are going to see plenty of advertising, and plenty of billboards, about that obsession as well. Whether it is one of the footy codes, or the cricket season, or the soccer, or the Australian Open tennis, or the Grand Prix, or … well, you get the idea.  

And that is just the tip of the Australian billboard iceberg. Fast food, fashion, technology. If we can sell it or consume it, then we will stick it on a massive hoarding for the world to see. If there is one thing we’re not, it’s subtle.