Hearing Test in Brisbane

When Dale began to struggle with his hearing, he tried every specialist and doctor he could find to correct it. But it began to get worse and his options began to decrease at a rate of knots. He could no longer hear the things he loved: he could not hear his favourite CD any longer, he could not hear his dog barking to him from outside, he could not hear the rain falling on the tin roof at night as he fell asleep, and he could not hear the lines from his favourite movies.

All of this was really beginning to make him sad and despondent—and he really didn’t want to resort to having to use a hearing aid. So, he decided to take his steps to fix his hearing to the next level. He began researching very specialised audiologists, and after trying a few with no success, he stumbled upon a rather eccentric fellow.

His method was to take Dale to each capital city for a hearing test. He was forced to endure a flight to Perth for a hearing test, and then to Adelaide for a hearing test, followed by a Melbourne hearing test and a Sydney hearing test, and then a Brisbane hearing test, Hobart and finally Darwin.

After several weeks and quite a few thousand dollars in flights, Dale was absolutely exhausted. He had tried on numerous occasions to cancel his association with the eccentric doctor, but the doctor insisted his method had worked for decades and was foolproof. So, Dale persevered.

About a month later his results were finally back and he went in for an appointment with the doctor. He told him that the best result he had achieved was from his Brisbane hearing test, and that the only solution was for Dale to move somewhere in Queensland and that would fix his hearing immediately.

Dale, of course, inquired as to why that would be. The doctor replied that his ears would be more north than where he was currently living in Victoria, and that would make them work better. After struggling to comprehend any sort of logic to what he had just been told, Dale decided getting a hearing aid wouldn’t be so bad after all.